Once the preserve of royalty, we were amazed when we discovered the qualities of silk.  With the tensile strength of steel, the warmth of merino wool, and the softness of a baby’s skin, it seems to us to be almost magical.  It has become our mission to share this incredible fibre with the world. 


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Started in Dunedin, NZ in 1995, Silk Living’s initial offering was a Silksak - a 100% silk sleeping bag liner.  The properties of silk that made the Silksak such a wonderful product got the founding partners thinking about how to develop silk into a broader offering to be enjoyed by more people for every day.  Using their scientific knowledge of the specific qualities of silk, our designers developed a range of silk-based natural fabrics that we use across a broad range of clothing and bedding for women, men and babies.  Thanks to the extraordinary qualities of our fabrics we are proud that one Silkbody Top could take you from scaling Mt Everest to dinner with the Queen!


We fell in love with the earth-friendly and sustainable qualities of silk, as well as its many other natural benefits.  Today, as these factors become ever-more important, our passion is for the modern world to re-discover this ancient fibre.  No longer just the privilege of royalty, you too can enjoy silk in your everyday life.


SilkLiving Our Story


The reason that you and your silk items enjoy a harmonious relationship is because silk is a natural fibre. Silk is still grown in the traditional way using techniques perfected over thousands of years. We do not add any treatments to improve anti-static, flame retardance, wash-and-wear or anti-bacterial properties because silk is already naturally endowed with these properties. Simply enjoy!


With a strong focus on research and development, we have developed a proprietary range of contemporary, high performance fabrics that breathe new life into this ancient and special fibre. The result is a unique and practical combination of old world and new: fabrics in silk and natural fibre blends that offer all the technical advantages of man-made fabrics while retaining silk’s natural elements of luxury and style.


SilkLiving Our Story


First discovered in China over 5000 years ago, the secret of silk was closely guarded for thousands of years. Legend has it that two monks were sent by Rome to smuggle back silkworm eggs in their hollow canes, and so the secret of silk was revealed.
2000 years later we reveal the forgotten secret once more...


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