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Thanks for all you help before I went to Morocco. I just wanted to feedback that the long sleeve top was very effective and pretty comfortable to wear in the heat of the day. It also became my favourite camp wear, the long sleeves keeping the sun off and the bugs at bay. A great product. I was hot, but it was very hot (in excess of 40 degrees at times), and the long sleeve top was bearable, whilst also keeping the sun off. On the higher altitude and cooler days it was also a good base layer under a fleece to keep me toasty and never really got stinky with 15 days on the trail and just a few rinses in streams. So thanks again for the recommendation of a great product.

Gerard, New Zealand


I took the long sleeve crew neck with me in May. My husband and I were walking in Spain, carrying everything in backpacks. So things have to weigh nothing. I planned to wear it at night while my hiking clothes were drying. About day three into our walk I put it on under my rain gear - in which one tends to get hot and sweaty when hiking, even when it's cold. The Silkspun worked beautifully - when damp it kept me warm without making me hot and it helped absorb any perspiration. It also washed and dried overnight. Then we had really hot weather and I wore it as an alternative to sunscreen on my arms. Again, it worked beautifully. So I wore it almost continuously for the 6 weeks of our 840 km walk, washing it every night. In very cold weather I wore it under a merino jumper, in hot I wore it alone. It has now become my all time favourite hiking top. Very indulgent considering it is silk but so, so comfortable. And just tough enough to stand the wear and tear of sitting under a backpack. But I need two - one to wear during the day, one to wear while it is washed!

Marion, Australia


Just a positive word about what you call lounge pants, and what I call travel pants.......the ones I bought recently. As I said I travel quite a lot for work, and use these pants in place of the PJ's they give you in business class (not that I get to fly business class internationally all the time mind you....but it's nice when it happens). Anyway, I pack them in my backpack no matter what class I am flying internationally (they weigh nothing) and then use them in flight. Those pants have flown all over the world, and to a lot of places many more times than once. They breathe, are not prone to static electricity (even with those awful blankets in economy) and as I said, they weigh nothing and can be swished into a tiny parcel when putting back after changing. They are great. I just thought you should know that. Not sure if that is a useful thing for marketing, but not all people value "lounging" when it comes to comfort. I am buying the second pair for a trek we are about to take around France....not just for the airplane.

Jacqui, Australia


I love the Silkbody clothing. So light and comfortable on my skin and the fit is perfect. I particularly love the black long tunic dress I ordered... It is super comfortable and I can dress it up or down. I wore it today and then wore it out to dinner with the damson wrap. I'm amazed at the feel if this fabric. Namaste, Kate.

Kate, Australia


I recently bought another pair of Silkbody leggings which I find the most comfortable and practical option for the winters here in Finland. The climate can get really dry and really cold so you almost always need to put another layer on under your jeans. Silkbody leggings are nice because they're so smooth and soft, they don't get all static and itchy like woolen and polypropylene thermals sometimes do. The thinness of the fabric means they are easy to slip under skinny jeans with no bulkiness. They are also perfect for wearing as tights in warmer weather.

Rose, Finland


My last black head warmer has been super special to me. Back in 2005 we went on our first trip together around Ecuador for a month then for the next two months overland from Lima, Peru to Rio Brazil. Since then my head warmer has been to 5 continents with me on adventures. It also is a vital item when I go sailing which I do competitively most weekends. Last weekend I lost my silkbody head warmer, being small and black has made it super handy but no doubt had a part to play in losing it among sailing gear. As I am off traveling again I was delighted to learn the head warmer is still being made 8 years later and can be purchased online. The only changes is it comes in more colours, so lacking all self-control I purchased three new head warmers.

Daphne, Australia


I want to thank you for such innovative weaves and comfortable mixes of natural fibres, I do a lot of multi-day hikes in the mountains and they’re superbly comfortable in a wide range of conditions.

Rob, Ireland


This parcel arrived in my rural box today...astonishingly quick! Fabulous garments as usual, I have quite a collection of beautiful hardwearing, easy to care for,colour fast, comfortable SILKBODY, and now its baby's turn! I bought a top locally a few years ago, and its been washed and worn repeatedly..just in with the family wash, ( I uses ecostore liquid,)and its still perfect. Top product. Thanks so much.

Thirza, Auckland


Just want to give you some feedback on your Silkbody products. My partner is tetraplegic and has been in a wheel chair for 18 years. People who have spinal injuries very often have great difficulty with naturally regulating body temperature. With the use of only one arm, strength is also an issue. Your Silkbody products, both crew neck and polo shirts , he has found most comfortable. The light weight enables him to dress himself with ease. General day to day movement is easier. The natural breathing ability of your blend of a high percentage of silk, and smaller amounts of both merino and cotton , helps his body regulate his own temperature in both summer and winter. He simply alters the amount of layers he wears. We just wish to thank you for enabling us to purchase such a wonderful product. Anything that helps day to day life quality is always on our search list. I am now such a fan I am purchasing your baby range of products for my much anticipated and longed for grandson. Many many thanks once again for such an awesome product.

Gay, Auckland


I thought that I should give you feed back on how I found the SilkSideIn Front Zip Hoodie. It is a shame that you will discontinue the SilkSideIn range. I hope that this feed back will encourage you to continue with such fine quality products. I live in Sydney Australia and it is ideal for this climate. It is also very acceptable casual city wear and I have often been asked where I got it from. The 50/50 mix of silk and merino not only is warm in the cooler months but also refreshing in the warmer months. I have found it to be very lasting, far better than straight merino from IceBreaker of similar weights. I have other items from Silkbody which have lasted longer than any other brands. Overall I am very pleased and hope you continue to produce these fine garments.

Wayne, Sydney


I just wanted to let you know that, following your advice, I ordered the lounge pants in an L. They arrived today and are a perfect fit. As are the Scoop neck top and cardigan. I am over the moon with these clothes! They’re incredibly comfortable, they absolutely suit my lifestyle and if I could afford it I’d have everything! Look forward to seeing your new colours and stuff in October!

Trish, UK


Just received my delivery of the 3 camisoles ...the 15th (last day you suggested)...I am very relieved and so pleased. My original 3 camisoles that I bought in NZ seven years ago are at the end of their life and absolutely falling apart, yet I am reluctant to let them go. The ones I bought 3 years ago are still going strong. We seriously considered another trip to NZ to buy some more, but are pleased that this online purchase finally was successful.

Kathy, Australia


Again I need to thank you so much for your superb service in delivery, the quality of product and the gorgeous packaging. Why isn't every baby in New Zealand wearing your product.

Jill, Wellington


I just wanted to say thank you again for your service before we went away. I loved the swing skirt and slip. They stood up well to wearing in 32+ deg heat, with around 90% humidity when I was travelling. Loved that they packed up small, didn't smell (even after getting very hot and sweaty!!!) and were easy to handwash while travelling. Highly recommend them.

Lynda, New Zealand


I've had a pilot top for a number of years (3-4). It's my preferred thermal when I'm running backcountry ski courses or trips. I've been extremely impressed with its durability, warmth & comfort. I thought I would of had to purchase another one by now, but it's still going strong.

Marcel, Germany


I have two of these tops [Silkspun 3/4 sleeve scoop tops] and took them to Europe last May-June. They were fantastic - everything you promise and more! They hang beautifully, wash beautifully, dress up or down, pack down to nothing (seriously!) and look fantastic. Warm and cool as required (weird). I am wearing them with some beautiful woollens from Smitten in Tasmania.

Kate, Australia


This week I ordered my first ever Silkbody piece of clothing and I just wanted to let you know that it arrived today and I couldn't be happier with it! It is soft and fine and looks fabulous! I used your advice on colours that would suit me and it is perfect. Thank you also for the discount voucher and free postage. All of those things are a winning touch. So, along with your fabulous ethical views on producing quality clothing, I am hooked! Thanks!

Liz, Rotorua


I just love your products. Everything I have ever bought from you has been perfect and a beautiful fit. Many thanks for making such a quality product with natural fibres.

Faye, Australia


We love them [the Silkbaby Harem Pants], he's worn them for months already and they seem to keep fitting! I think one of the things I like the most about them is the softer waistband, too many babies pants have large tight elastic waistbands that must be so uncomy of their full wee pukus. They're so soft & flexible which is ideal that he's moving around more, and just as I took this photo he crawled for the first time wearing them. So exciting!

Helen, Dunedin


I have been a long time fan of your clothing, and have quite a few items. Last week I did the Routeburn tramp in the rain and snow. I worn your liner gloves and socks and was astonished at how dry and warm they keep my feet and hands even though they were soaking wet. When I got to the huts for lunch, I literally wrung the water out of the gloves, and when I put them on again within minutes my hands were warm – amazing. They were freezing to touch on the outside, but my hands were warm. Bigger fan than ever – great product. P.S. I lost my gloves at the end of the tramp, but have already replaced them.

Glenys, Waikato


Just needed to let you know the Silkbody silk blanket is wonderful - so soft and warm and luxurious all at once! It's a wonderful thing to behold - congratulations!

Ann, UK

I have a similar product from a different brand and bought this for my partner for our travels — we both think this one is better in terms of feel & quality, and bonus points for the gorgeous color choices.


It is extremely hard to find silk for men these days unless you like ties (I don't) or paying 300$ for a crappier version of this boxer with Tom Ford slapped onto it, do yourself a favor and never mind all those big name brands, put quality and sustainability first & buy from small businesses like Silk Living. They will blow you away with their sumptuous feel, naturally occurring odor resistance and durability.


Really lovely Silkspun fabric that washes like a dream! Warm in the winter and cooling in the summer. I have (3) pairs of lounge pants (size medium), 3-4 years old, and love them. Thought I would pick up the tops to match. I hang dry and touch up with a warm iron where necessary. I do favor silk and wool clothing and I sized up for the scoop neck (size large) because I don't like tight shirts. Silk Living is a wonderful company. Thank you for selling such high-quality products.


This is a top quality product that fits well and feels outstanding. Not sure why I couldn't find something like this in the US but the shipping was super fast so I didn't have to wait long. We live in the Southern California desert so silk is going to be my first choice for a shirt in the 115 degree heat. I got the natural white color. I'm very impressed and glad I found Beverley.


I've been searching for silk yoga pants for years and these are a dream come true. This silkspun material is the most comfortable way to be elegant, yet casual. I bought the silkspun yoga pants, which I adore, and the silkspun caps, and a gorgeous, simple silkspun navy dress, all wonderful to wear, wonderful to give away as a very special gift.


I have bought so many of these. They are my goto top, they look great dressed up, or totally casual. Warm, comfortable, light and long lasting! I love the flattering neckline, the ¾ sleeves, and the wonderful inspiring colors! A wonderful, versatile shirt!


I bought this to keep my hair happier and healthier and it's so wonderful I want to get an entire sheet set.


Best silk shirt i have found. If you hold it up in the light, you will see the elegant design of the threading. Its beautiful and it feels so wonderful to wear year round. The customer service is superb in every way. They are wonderful people. Definitely recommend this.


The most luxurious sheets I have EVER owned!! No matter the thread count on cotton sheets, they can not compete with the 100% silk sheets. And it is true-silk pillowcases do protect hairstyles more than one would think. Yes, I gulped when I pushed the buy buttons, but once they came I have no regrets.


This is possibly my favorite shirt ever and own eight of them at this point. I do everything in them, from hang around the house, to work, to workout. They wash well and air dry really fast. They work well in hot weather by themselves and cold weather when layered under something else. I do find they stretch out after the first few hours of wear and recently started purchasing a size down to accommodate for this. It would be great if you could bring the purple back or possible offer it in navy.


Best silk shirt i have found. If you hold it up in the light, you will see the elegant design of the threading. Its beautiful and it feels so wonderful to wear year round. The customer service is superb in every way. They are wonderful people. Definitely recommend this.


I bought footwear once in Hawaii which was advertised: "these sandals will change your life". And they are pretty good (Oofas). But the silk items from you guys are much, much better and changing how I travel! Started with two tee shirts for me on fishing trip to Chile. By wearing one, then wash in sink, dry, alternate, had perfect first layer all ten days. Were good on hot days and also on cold evenings. Bought my wife a couple of tops for our upcoming trip to Europe. Cant wait. BUT.... even better than the quality and luxury of the products is the customer service. Was a mixup getting my third tee, in white, and the company went way beyond expectations to make it right. Thanks


My husband has been hunting for 70+ years and has finally admitted that woolens get heavyl when wet and fleece doesn't cut it. When the conditions range from rain to snow and the temps from temperatures range from-35c to 21c he was getting frustrated stating warm/cool/dry all in one hunt. I surprised him with these silk legliners and when he wore them on a hunt, he couldn't thank me enough! Silk is amazing! Thank-you for such a quick deliver!


this is perfect ! I feel free , elegant , and light - I have 3 of these shirts and wear them nearly every day .


These are the best lounge pants ever. I wear these at home everyday in Spring, summer and fall and they are truly amazing in terms of comfort and holding up over time. I was fortunate to get them in purple which I absolutely love.


I love this dress. Cool, modest, flattering. I keep worrying that the company will stop making this style. Sometimes I panic buy, but so far they’ve been consistently available. I’ve done this since 2016. Please never stop making this dress. I don’t know what I would do for work attire!


Soft and light material that I want to wear every day - incredibly comfy yet still stylish. Somehow these pants are both cool and cozy at the same time. The port color is lovely.


I absolutely love these. The fabric is not only extremely comfortable but great in hot sticky weather as is in new york. The fabric wears beautifully. The cut is wonderful for me as well. I could not be happier. Looking forward to a second pain as soon as possible. I never want to take them off!! Thanks silk living!!


I wear these dresses every day to work. So simple and flattering. I buy a new collection every year


This is the most glorious hoodie among the hoodie family. I have all sorts of wool and cashmere. Nothing beats this silk. Especially this silk hoodie. My new favorite hoodie for life.



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