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SilkLiving Washing Guidelines for Silk

How do I care for my silk clothing?

• Turn your garment inside out and wash gently by hand or machine
• Cool to warm temperatures are best. Do not overheat with a hot-water wash or hot iron.
• Use a mild detergent, such as a wool wash. There’s no need for harsh chemicals such as strong washing powders or bleach.  These contain brighteners and whiteners that may damage the silk fibre and make it appear dull.
• Rinse well. Squeeze or gentle spin excess water. Do not wring.
• Line dry or hang inside out of direct sunlight. No tumble driers required. It doesn’t take long!
• Cool iron only (set iron to delicate or wool setting)
• Allow 5% shrinkage

Tips & Tricks 

• To remove perspiration or deodorant build up under the arms, soak overnight in a bucket of cool to lukewarm water with a half-cup of white vinegar added. The vinegar neutralises the alkaline build up left by sweat and washing powders. Rinse and line dry or wash as normal.
• To remove oil stains left by food, try sponging with warm water and a little mild dish wash detergent. The key is to get to it quickly and NEVER rub at the stain. Once you feel the stain is removed sandwich the wet fabric between a towel, pressing together to remove as much moisture as possible, then leave to dry.
• We recommend the Laundry Bar & Stain Stick by Ethique.
• If in doubt, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help.

Keep in mind

• Do not rub a stain, this can cause fading
• Do not tumble dry, this can cause shrinkage
• Do not dry in direct sunlight, sun may fade garments
• Do not bleach
• Do not use washing powders or stain remover, these can strip the colour and make the fabric ‘chalky’ to touch

How do I care for my silk sheets and pillowslips?

• Caring for your silk bedding is simple, and with proper care taken your silk will retain its elegant look for many years of enjoyment.
• Our silk bed products may be machine washed in cold water on a delicate cycle with a mild laundry detergent or, if you prefer, hand-washed in cold or lukewarm water
• Do not rub
• Squeeze out excess water, do not wring
• Do not tumble dry – the fine fabric is best dried naturally in the shade
• Avoid keeping your silk bed linen in direct sunlight as it can damage and fade the fibres
Do not bleach
• Cool iron

 SilkLiving Puresilk Sheets

I have a similar product from a different brand and bought this for my partner for our travels — we both think this one is better in terms of feel & quality, and bonus points for the gorgeous color choices.


It is extremely hard to find silk for men these days unless you like ties (I don't) or paying 300$ for a crappier version of this boxer with Tom Ford slapped onto it, do yourself a favor and never mind all those big name brands, put quality and sustainability first & buy from small businesses like Silk Living. They will blow you away with their sumptuous feel, naturally occurring odor resistance and durability.


Really lovely Silkspun fabric that washes like a dream! Warm in the winter and cooling in the summer. I have (3) pairs of lounge pants (size medium), 3-4 years old, and love them. Thought I would pick up the tops to match. I hang dry and touch up with a warm iron where necessary. I do favor silk and wool clothing and I sized up for the scoop neck (size large) because I don't like tight shirts. Silk Living is a wonderful company. Thank you for selling such high-quality products.


This is a top quality product that fits well and feels outstanding. Not sure why I couldn't find something like this in the US but the shipping was super fast so I didn't have to wait long. We live in the Southern California desert so silk is going to be my first choice for a shirt in the 115 degree heat. I got the natural white color. I'm very impressed and glad I found Beverley.


I've been searching for silk yoga pants for years and these are a dream come true. This silkspun material is the most comfortable way to be elegant, yet casual. I bought the silkspun yoga pants, which I adore, and the silkspun caps, and a gorgeous, simple silkspun navy dress, all wonderful to wear, wonderful to give away as a very special gift.


I have bought so many of these. They are my goto top, they look great dressed up, or totally casual. Warm, comfortable, light and long lasting! I love the flattering neckline, the ¾ sleeves, and the wonderful inspiring colors! A wonderful, versatile shirt!


I bought this to keep my hair happier and healthier and it's so wonderful I want to get an entire sheet set.


Best silk shirt i have found. If you hold it up in the light, you will see the elegant design of the threading. Its beautiful and it feels so wonderful to wear year round. The customer service is superb in every way. They are wonderful people. Definitely recommend this.


The most luxurious sheets I have EVER owned!! No matter the thread count on cotton sheets, they can not compete with the 100% silk sheets. And it is true-silk pillowcases do protect hairstyles more than one would think. Yes, I gulped when I pushed the buy buttons, but once they came I have no regrets.


This is possibly my favorite shirt ever and own eight of them at this point. I do everything in them, from hang around the house, to work, to workout. They wash well and air dry really fast. They work well in hot weather by themselves and cold weather when layered under something else. I do find they stretch out after the first few hours of wear and recently started purchasing a size down to accommodate for this. It would be great if you could bring the purple back or possible offer it in navy.


Best silk shirt i have found. If you hold it up in the light, you will see the elegant design of the threading. Its beautiful and it feels so wonderful to wear year round. The customer service is superb in every way. They are wonderful people. Definitely recommend this.


I bought footwear once in Hawaii which was advertised: "these sandals will change your life". And they are pretty good (Oofas). But the silk items from you guys are much, much better and changing how I travel! Started with two tee shirts for me on fishing trip to Chile. By wearing one, then wash in sink, dry, alternate, had perfect first layer all ten days. Were good on hot days and also on cold evenings. Bought my wife a couple of tops for our upcoming trip to Europe. Cant wait. BUT.... even better than the quality and luxury of the products is the customer service. Was a mixup getting my third tee, in white, and the company went way beyond expectations to make it right. Thanks


My husband has been hunting for 70+ years and has finally admitted that woolens get heavyl when wet and fleece doesn't cut it. When the conditions range from rain to snow and the temps from temperatures range from-35c to 21c he was getting frustrated stating warm/cool/dry all in one hunt. I surprised him with these silk legliners and when he wore them on a hunt, he couldn't thank me enough! Silk is amazing! Thank-you for such a quick deliver!


this is perfect ! I feel free , elegant , and light - I have 3 of these shirts and wear them nearly every day .


These are the best lounge pants ever. I wear these at home everyday in Spring, summer and fall and they are truly amazing in terms of comfort and holding up over time. I was fortunate to get them in purple which I absolutely love.


I love this dress. Cool, modest, flattering. I keep worrying that the company will stop making this style. Sometimes I panic buy, but so far they’ve been consistently available. I’ve done this since 2016. Please never stop making this dress. I don’t know what I would do for work attire!


Soft and light material that I want to wear every day - incredibly comfy yet still stylish. Somehow these pants are both cool and cozy at the same time. The port color is lovely.


I absolutely love these. The fabric is not only extremely comfortable but great in hot sticky weather as is in new york. The fabric wears beautifully. The cut is wonderful for me as well. I could not be happier. Looking forward to a second pain as soon as possible. I never want to take them off!! Thanks silk living!!


I wear these dresses every day to work. So simple and flattering. I buy a new collection every year


This is the most glorious hoodie among the hoodie family. I have all sorts of wool and cashmere. Nothing beats this silk. Especially this silk hoodie. My new favorite hoodie for life.



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