SilkLiving Washing Guidelines for Silk

How do I care for my silk clothing?

• Turn your garment inside out and wash gently by hand or machine
• Cool to warm temperatures are best. Do not overheat with a hot-water wash or hot iron.
• Use a mild detergent, such as a wool wash. There’s no need for harsh chemicals such as strong washing powders or bleach.  These contain brighteners and whiteners that may damage the silk fibre and make it appear dull.
• Rinse well. Squeeze or gentle spin excess water. Do not wring.
• Line dry or hang inside out of direct sunlight. No tumble driers required. It doesn’t take long!
• Cool iron only (set iron to delicate or wool setting)
• Allow 5% shrinkage

Tips & Tricks 

• To remove perspiration or deodorant build up under the arms, soak overnight in a bucket of cool to lukewarm water with a half-cup of white vinegar added. The vinegar neutralises the alkaline build up left by sweat and washing powders. Rinse and line dry or wash as normal.
• To remove oil stains left by food, try sponging with warm water and a little mild dish wash detergent. The key is to get to it quickly and NEVER rub at the stain. Once you feel the stain is removed sandwich the wet fabric between a towel, pressing together to remove as much moisture as possible, then leave to dry.
• We recommend the Laundry Bar & Stain Stick by Ethique.
• If in doubt, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help.

Keep in mind

• Do not rub a stain, this can cause fading
• Do not tumble dry, this can cause shrinkage
• Do not dry in direct sunlight, sun may fade garments
• Do not bleach
• Do not use washing powders or stain remover, these can strip the colour and make the fabric ‘chalky’ to touch

How do I care for my silk sheets and pillowslips?

• Caring for your silk bedding is simple, and with proper care taken your silk will retain its elegant look for many years of enjoyment.
• Our silk bed products may be machine washed in cold water on a delicate cycle with a mild laundry detergent or, if you prefer, hand-washed in cold or lukewarm water
• Do not rub
• Squeeze out excess water, do not wring
• Do not tumble dry – the fine fabric is best dried naturally in the shade
• Avoid keeping your silk bed linen in direct sunlight as it can damage and fade the fibres
Do not bleach
• Cool iron

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