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Silkliving is the trading name of Silk Living Limited, an Incorporated New Zealand company. 
Silkbody, Silkbaby and Silksak are the registered trademarks of Silk Living Limited. 
All activities of the Silkliving website come under New Zealand Legal jurisdiction. 
Silk Living Limited is committed to following fair business practices.  Website activities follow the Model Code for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce published by the New Zealand Ministry of Commerce, and we faithfully observe our obligations as set out by the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


Prices other than NZD displayed on the Silkliving website might not be the same as that charged to your credit card, due to exchange rate fluctuations and different rates used by credit card companies. 
This means that if, for example, you wish to see the prices in AUD (the currency selector is situated at the bottom left of the screen) you will see an indication of the NZD converted to AUD.
The rates used by Shopify (the ecommerce platform we use) to convert these prices for display are set by the industry standard Xe.com. Your credit card company (or other payment provider such as Paypal) will use their own exchange rates to process your purchase into your currency.  For this reason the final amount on your statement may differ slightly from the display price shown during shopping.
Credit card transactions will show on your cardholder statement as being purchased from Silkliving.
Prices displayed on the Silkliving website are subject to change without notice. Once an order has been accepted prices for the items in the order are fixed for that particular order.  Price changes will be effected for subsequent orders.

Faulty or damaged goods

Silkliving will endeavour to repair or replace any goods that are delivered damaged or faulty (excluding advertised seconds, which are not eligible for repair or replacement).  In the event that an item cannot be repaired or replaced, a refund will be issued. Faulty or damaged goods MUST be returned according to our Returns Policy.


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