Silk is a truly incredible fibre, still produced using the traditional hands-on techniques developed 5000 years ago. A little caterpillar spins its cocoon in a single thread as long as thirty city blocks. This is gently unwound, and treated with the utmost care to retain all the natural benefits nature endowed it with:



Silkbody garments are soft and extremely lightweight. You feel like you’re hardly wearing anything at all.


Silk keeps your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre absorbs one third its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Your Silkbody garments also dry fast – on or off the body.

Safe & Natural

We use entirely natural fibres free from harmful chemicals. Silk is one of the safest fibres you can wear next to your skin because it is naturally flame resistant. Where synthetics melt, silk burns to harmless ash.

One Garment for All Seasons

Winter and Summer, our Silk garments provide thermal balance. Wear your Silkbody as a super-lightweight, breathable garment in summer that will keep you dry and cool, or layer it for bulk-free luxurious warmth in winter. Its versatility makes it perfect for travel.

Smooth as

Silk feels softer against the skin than other fibre because it has a smooth surface and is extremely fine. With an average diameter of 11 microns (0.011mm), the silk fibre is one of the softest you can wear. This is lovely for everyone, but it’s particularly important for sensitive skins or those with skin allergies.

Good for your Skin

The natural gum that binds the silk cocoon together is called sericin. Sericin is believed to be beneficial to the health of your skin, similar to the lanolin in wool, as it contains many essential amino acids. The sericin is also responsible for the natural fragrance of SilkLiving products, which will subside after a few washes.

Only Silk is Silk!

Many fabrics claim to feel “soft as silk” but what could possibly be better than the real thing? Synthetic fibres such as polyester were developed last century from a desire to imitate the precious silk fibre. But silk has unique properties that no man-made fibre can ever truly achieve.


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