Our clothing is fabulous for any occasion, but our fabrics were originally developed with an active life in mind.  With a love of outdoor activities and travel, and an aversion to the synthetics used in most high-performance outdoor garments, Silkbody designers used science to develop our fabrics.  The result is a proprietary range that has all the technical benefits of contemporary synthetic clothing, plus the advantage of being 100% natural. 


125g/m² 72% silk, 13% merino, 15% cotton
Unique to SilkLiving, Silkspun is our all-season signature fabric.  The combination of 72% silk, 13% Merino wool and 15% cotton comes together to form a luxurious knitted jersey blend.  Wear on its own for natural temperature regulation in the heat, or layer it for luxurious, bulk-free insulation.  Silkspun is perfect for all environments.


100% silk
These silk-only fabrics are super soft and luxurious, breathable and moisture absorbent.  They are especially perfect for sensitive skin.  We use knitted Puresilk in various weights and fabric types depending on the application.

Crepe de Chine

100% silk
A beautiful, soft and lustrous fabric with a matt finish that glides over the skin and drapes softly.  Lightweight and luxurious Crepe de Chine adds an easy elegance to your wardrobe.


310g/m² 100% silk
Silkfleece garments have a unique dual-layer construction for supreme warmth and performance.  The 100% silk fleece inside layer is soft and luxurious.  The outer layer is a 100% Puresilk knit that traps warm air between the two layers creating additional warmth and wind resistance.  The garment is amazingly soft and warm yet extremely lightweight and breathable.


180g/m² 80% silk, 20% merino
An expedition-weight base layer, the Cellular fabric is ideal for extreme heat and extreme cold.  Its unique fabric structure traps maximum insulating air next to the skin, for warmth in the cold.  In hot temperatures this same cellular fabric-structure enhances moisture dispersal to keep your skin dry. 


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