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Standard Silksak

$125.00 NZD

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The original Silksak, our 100% silk travel liners are packing essentials. Use in your sleeping bag for added warmth or on its own in the heat to keep biting insects out. Light elastic draws in the opening and keeps the liner from ending up at the bottom of your sleeping bag by the end of the night. The rectangular shape provides plenty of foot room.

  • Size: 86cm wide x 190cm long
  • 100% parachute silk
  • Stuff bag is permanently attached
  • Weight: approximately 110gm (4oz), including stuff bag
  • Attractively presented in recycled cardboard packaging
  • Wash by hand or gentle machine. See our Washing Guidelines

Please note that due to the natural fabric and its dyeing process, colours will have variations in tone and depth.

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How does it work

Winter or summer your Silksak provides thermal balance.  Amazingly soft and extremely lightweight it brings a layer of breathable protection whether on its own or inside your sleeping bag.

  • Summer Sak

    In the heat of summer or warmer climates a Silksak is the perfect alternative to a regular sleeping bag. You’ll feel cool and comfy as your Silksak keeps your skin dry and your temperature even, as
    well as providing protection from biting insects.

  • Winter Liner

    When used inside a sleeping bag your Silksak acts as a thermal layer, creating luxurious warmth. It also extends the life of your sleeping bag by keeping it clean, and the fine, smooth parachute silk reduces unpleasant tangles in the night.

  • Travel Companion

    If you’re not keen on hotel sheets or want to spare a friend from laundering after a one-night stay, your Silksak is your own personal cocoon for luxurious sleeping and takes next-to-no room in your bag.

Words from SilkLiving Customers

It’s not enough to just tell you how much our (very) loyal customers love our Silksaks, we want to show you too. Read through their reviews below.

  • Awesome product! First time I have dealt with this great little company. Such an easy transaction. The product is far better than I could have hoped for. Great quality item, I love the feel and love the sleeping bag liner.

    ── Stephen

  • These are great sleeping bag liners. Our son used his everywhere when travelling overseas and staying in hostels etc. They are also perfect for the kids to use over summer when camping...no sleeping bag needed in the heat!

    ── Elizabeth

  • I bought the Silk Sleeping Bag Sak, to travel in my Motor Home with, to save having to wash the Q-Bed sheets as often, when I go free camping. I gentle hand wash and hang to dry, dries really quickly. It is snuggly to sleep in. Great for the 0 degrees celsius I have experienced. Delivery was great. Highly recommend this product.

    ── Coleen

  • My first silksak lasted 20 years….I had one of the very first!! I like the concept of the elastic top (new feature) however having used it for a night in the heat I think a draw cord would be more user friendly. I plan to modify my new silksak to this effect and am looking forward to another twenty years of silky comfort tramping.

    ── Ana

  • I searched up liners after purchasing a down sleeping bag for my son for hiking trips. So weight was a big consideration. Comparing prices and weight with other big name hiking gear companies this liner beat them all. It looks and feels lovely too. Very happy to support a smaller independent business.

    ── Kelly

Frequently asked questions

Our Silksak has travelled near and far! Here are our most commonly asked questions by adventurers across the globe.

Is it mulberry silk?
Yes it is. All our SilkSaks use 100% mulberry silk.
How do I care/wash my Silksak?
As with all of our products, these can be machine washed on a gentle cycle using a wool detergent, or simply hand wash and hang to dry out of direct sunlight.
How much does the Standard Silksak weigh?
Our Standard Silksaks weigh just 110gm (4oz) so you can be sure you can pack light.
What do you mean by "All Seasons"?
Your SilkSak is perfect to use on its own in the heat, or as an extra layer of insulation in cool weather inside your sleeping bag (or even in your own bed!).
Is this suitable for sensitive skin?
Absolutely! Silk is arguably the gentlest fibre against the skin, and is often recommended by health practitioners for those with sensitive skins.
Is the Silksak a natural & sustainable product?
Silk production is naturally regenerative and therefore earth-friendly. Mulberry bushes are a renewable and sustainable crop, and no pesticides are used or the silkworms won't eat the leaves!
How long can I expect my Silksak to last? 
With care you should get a minimum of 12 years from your SilkSak, even if you use it a lot. Some of our customers are still using theirs after 20 years of luxurious sleeping.
I’ve only slept in my SilkSak 4 times, and it looks as though it is coming apart!
This is known as Seam stretch and is completely normal. It’s caused by people moving in their sleep and is especially prevalent with restless sleepers. It does not affect the strength or life of your SilkSak at all.


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