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We firmly believe silk is an unbeatable fibre with so much untapped potential and we are constantly striving to spread the good word to the rest of the world! But sometimes in the noise of all the advertising and promotion the world is bombarded with every day, our genuine and passionate message can be lost amongst the thousands of other promotions you see on a minute by minute basis.

So when we hear from all our happy customers who are loving our Silkbody products and have experienced their benefits first hand, we delight in sharing these messages. It’s so fulfilling to hear others experiencing the revelation of wearing silk and we think it’s a really powerful recommendation to others who are yet to try our products. Silk - be it in our Puresilk 100% silk or our Silk blend garments - is comfortable, enduring, versatile, and easy to care for and we love to share the satisfaction it brings. So don’t just take our word for it, listen to what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with Silkbody. The proof is in the pudding!

Alison Ballance

"Equador might be on the season-less Equator, but factor in altitude and you have a place where every day is like summer and every night is like winter. This is a place where layering is definitely the way to dress, and my Silkbody shirts were the perfect base layer."

Alison Ballance, wildlife filmmaker and radio producer
(wearing Silkbody Silkspun Short Sleeve Crew)


Davie Robinson

"I purchased two of the lightweight long sleeved crews and used them as my under layer for the entire winter. I found that they worked well as a skin layer. They transferred moisture efficiently to my mid layers and remained comfortable no matter how long my shift was. I found that they didn't smell bad after extended use.

One of my main reasons for seeking out natural clothing products for my mountain activities is the amount of time I spend in aircraft, especially helicopters. Crashing is an occupational hazard, particularly when flying in mountains. Once crashed, fuel fires are a real danger. Having natural non-flammable materials next to the skin significantly reduces the effect of burns."

Davie Robinson, Snow Safety Officer, Treble Cone Skifield, Wanaka
(wearing Silkbody Headwarmer and Silkfleece)


Laurence Fearnley

"The top was fantastic. I wore it ten days straight through – with no washing in between and I was doing heaps of physical work and all the time I was comfortable and sweet smelling. It was by far the best material and fit of anything I have ever worn – I just loved it."

Laurence Fearnley, tutor in Antartic Studies and author
(wearing Silkbody Silkspun Long Sleeve Crew)


You can read more testimonials from Silkbody customers over on our feedback page. Also be sure to read the helpful reviews posted by customers under each product when shopping. 

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