The Hidden Benefits of our Gloriously Soft Puresilk Fabric

When people imagine a garment in 100% silk they usually envisage something made in a fabric like charmeuse silk, or silk chiffon.  Many people aren’t even aware that silk fibres can be knitted, so when customers discover SilkLiving’s gloriously soft and fine Puresilk garments they feel as though they’ve struck gold.

It can be a little confusing when deciding whether to buy a Puresilk garment over one that is, say, 100% cotton or merino wool.  However, not only is pure silk arguably a lot softer against your skin than any other fibre, it also has several other inherent qualities that may influence your decision:

  1. Thermoregulation.  Silk regulates your body temperature better than cotton or wool.  The fibre’s hollow centre makes silk fibres far better at regulating body temperature because the hollow middle creates a vacuum.  When you sweat, silk wicks away moisture and keeps you cool; when already cool it insulates and maintains warmth.  When cotton gets damp, on the other hand, it absorbs the moisture and loses its ability to insulate.  Other fibres are also less breathable in the heat.
  2. Lightness.  We use 95-125gsm silk thread for our Puresilk Base Layers which is so fine it feels almost as though you have nothing on.  Warmth without bulk!
  3. Elasticity.  Silk has excellent flexibility, meaning the fibres have natural elasticity.  Our knitted Puresilk takes advantage of the natural elasticity of silk, plus the natural elasticity of the knitted stitch.  Cotton (for example) is not very elastic which is why it often depends on the addition of elastane or spandex to keep its shape.  
  4. Skin Sensitivity.  Silk filaments have a rounded shape meaning they don't cause friction, scratching or skin irritation.  In addition the amino acids in mulberry silk's protein fibre play an important role in keeping sensitive skin moisturized and protected.
  5. Drying Speed.  Silk is incredibly fast drying which makes it super-practical when managing your laundry or for your travel-wardrobe.  It’s also wrinkle-resistant so it’s ready to wear straight from the clothesline (or shower rail!).
  6. Shine.  Silk is the only continuous filament, natural fibre, and unlike wool or cotton the fibres are smooth and straight.  This difference makes silk smoother to the touch and shinier to the eye, giving it an altogether more luxurious look and feel, even in our jersey-knit. 

Many people stray away from Puresilk, thinking it will take more care than their regular laundry, but caring for your Puresilk garments is similar to caring for wool. If you’ve already included natural products (like wool or cashmere) in your wardrobe, you can rest assured that caring for Puresilk is much the same.

We might be biased, but we can’t help suggesting layering Puresilk as the seasons change. It really is like gossamer next to the skin, providing you with the best of all worlds for luxurious comfort.

Hear what Alex has to say:

I bought a couple of these tee shirts 5 or so years ago and they have been absolute life savers to me. I've been wearing them pretty much daily for this long to all sorts of occasions (work, gym, hike, even sleep in them sometimes) and they are still going strong. In fact I think they get better with wear - a sign of real quality clothes which is so hard to find these days. I'm a big fan and have hooked my mum onto them too. Men's version of these is just as great!


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