Musings from COVID-19...

As the Covid-19 crisis has unfolded my family, like many others, have been trying to keep our spirits up.  We’ve been incredibly grateful for the time of year; a late summer has certainly helped us, and I’m sure Spring has been welcome in the Northern Hemisphere with its promise of lovely weather and of nature renewing.

SilkLiving Pure Silk Face Masks

Operating a small business is always a challenge.  After this situation – as the owner-operators of 2 small businesses – Darryl and I now believe that if we can make it through Covid-19 we can make it through anything!! 

While trying to run 2 businesses and a schoolroom from our home has had its moments, one thing we have loved is the opportunity to get to know the routine of each other’s days.  Darryl and I have been on-hand to support each other, and we’ve both been delighted to gain a close insight into the school-day of Abigail, our 7-year-old. We’ve also enjoyed having time to do art and craft activities together, games, jigsaw puzzles, and having wonderful family time walking with our dog, Bobbie.

As the owners of SilkLiving, perhaps the best part of all has been the continued and overwhelming support of so many loyal customers.  You have continued to buy our wonderful products, and sent an incredible number of lovely emails, telling us how much you love them.  We have long known the joy of silk, and its beneficial properties.  In this unprecedented time, your emails and feedback confirm its value to our customers – the people who count.

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