Soothing silk - a natural way through menopause

It may not save you (or your family) from the snappy barbs you may be sending out, and it may not help you remember where you left your car keys, but silk may help you feel more comfortable as your body transitions through menopause.

It’s not something women like to discuss publicly but menopause is something all women face as we get older and while it affects each person differently, there seem to be a few annoyingly consistent symptoms that make themselves felt at inconvenient times. And while some of the observations around silk and its benefits for skin changes in menopause are anecdotal, the science around silk’s ability to help with thermal balance and skin moisture is secure.

Hot flushes are one of those elements of menopause that are often the source of jokes and parody but for those of us dealing with them on a daily basis, it’s not such a laughing matter - it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable! Having a silk layer next to your skin will help keep those body temperature extremes to a minimum due to silk’s ability to provide thermal balance. Lightweight and breathable, silk allows your skin to retain or release heat as you need it. It’s also absorbent (it will absorb 30% moisture without feeling damp) and very quick to dry, meaning you feel fresh even after your last heat wave. Customers tell us that cotton stays wet and wool and synthetics are too hot but silk is just right.

Beyond that, many people report the benefits to their hair and skin as a result of using and wearing silk. Dry, itchy skin can be a side-effect of menopause and having silk next to your skin can ease these symptoms on a variety of levels - the incredibly soft, smooth fibres reduce irritation and the moisture absorbency keeps skin fresh. The natural gum that binds the silk fibres together, sericin, is said to be good for the skin much like the lanolin in wool as it contains essential amino acids. Our Silk Living range of silk pillowcases, sheets and blankets can provide night time relief for stressed skin and hot flushes so you don't overheat - not to mention the relaxation provided by climbing into luxurious bedding at the end of the day!

So if you’re looking for a little relief from some of the niggles of a changing body, try silk and see what even small improvements can make to your day to day life. And hopefully you’ll find those car keys.

Our picks for soothing menopause

Our picks (as pictured above) are:

Silkbody Puresilk Crepe-de-Chine Skirt

The wide, stretchy waistband means this skirt gives both a smooth waistline and a high level of comfort. The 100% silk fabric falls from the hips and its breathability will help you to keep your cool. 

Silkbody Silkspun Short Drape Cardigan

This beauty is the perfect cover-up, hiding areas you may wish to, like the neck and upper arms, but the drape front creates an elegant line. Silkbody's lightweight silk, merino and cotton blend fabric is luxurious and comfortable in a range of temperatures. You won't overheat in this 3/4-sleeve cardigan.

Silkbody Puresilk Crepe-de-Chine Camisole

The bias cut of this beautiful camisole will skim the waistline for a fit that doesn't cling. This silk camisole is perfect under cardigans and jackets, adding a light, breathable layer next to the skin. Or, wear on it’s own for easy summer elegance.

Silkbody Silkspun Lounge Pants

In Silkbody's silk, merino, cotton jersey knit and with a flattering wide leg, our lounge pants are one of our most popular items. The fabric is warm but not too warm and are just heaven to sleep in or to float about the house.

Silkbody Puresilk Briefs

Perfect for those looking for the ultimate in comfort, these 100% silk briefs are breathable, moisture absorbent and soft. Ideal for sensitive skin.

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