Journey across the globe with Silk

From our SilkLiving origin story, to our fabulous customer base across the globe - a mutual passion for travel and adventure (and of course silk) connects us. There’s truly nothing we love more than hearing the stories of where you have taken your SilkLiving garments on your travels.

From walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, right across Europe, to intrepid treks in North & South America, we LOVE hearing about it all.  We wanted to share some of your fabulous stories - and which garments you packed for your escapades! It’s fair to say that silk has travelled much more extensively than we have. 


Our first adventure is on NZ home soil - with Mary's incredible daughter who walked the entire length of the South Island wearing one of our Short Sleeve Crew Tops!

This is an incredible feat with the full track called Te Araroa, which means “The Long Path” - and so it is. Sitting at just under 1400km, the journey on average takes 120 days - four months of dedicated walking. We feel privileged that our silk garments came along on this incredible journey.  

"In 2008 Olivia my daughter walked the length of the South Island wearing one of your tee shirts - she washed it regularly but  it was worn out by the end of four months daily wearing.  It was full of holes but she loved the material so much she bought  me one.

 In 2011 I bought two 3/4 Sleeve length tops, one taupish colour, one teal.  They've been round the world numerous times, have been a staple for both winter and summer and I’ve loved them.

 I’ve moved to Tasmania from Thames but took the pale one with me to NZ recently and was horrified this week to find it had a hole under the arm - after 11 years!"

- Mary Hickey


Another iconic New Zealand track is the Milford Track - where our SilkSak has been on many a tramping adventure. 

We all know the camping perils of uncomfortable sleeping bags and were glad to give Erica a luxury night’s rest, in the great outdoors. 

 "I have searched high and low for a sleeping bag liner for tramping adventures that is light, compact, quality silk material, a good size and at a fair price not the price of the label! My new Silksak came with me on the Milford Track and fit the bill perfectly and felt amazing!

 Super nice to have a slice of luxury out in the wilderness too. Loved the sweet message that came with the rapidly delivered package too. Thanks so much!!

- Erica New Zealand



Lima - Peru - Rio and beyond….

 "My last black Head warmer has been super special to me. Back in 2005, we went on our first trip together around Ecuador for a month then for the next two months overland from Lima, Peru to Rio Brazil.

Since then my head warmer has been to 5 continents with me on adventures, but sadly was recently lost. As I am off travelling again I was delighted to learn the head warmer is still being made 8 years later.. The only problem is it comes in more colours, so lacking all self-control I purchased three new head Warmers."

- Daphne, Australia


Time to explore the French Alps…

Keen travelers know that you simply can’t put a price on comfort whilst on a long international flight. We’re not biased when it comes to loving our Lounge Pants for travel - it’s one of our most common pieces of feedback. Stylish, soft, light and compact, Jaqui is right in her testimonial below - Lounge Pants truly do double as “Travel Pants”. 

"Just a positive word about what you call Lounge pants, and what I call Travel pants...... I pack them in my backpack when flying internationally (they weigh nothing) and then use them in flight.

Those pants have flown all over the world, and to a lot of places many more times than once! They breathe, are not prone to static electricity and can be swished into a tiny parcel when putting back after changing. I am buying the second pair for a trek we are about to take around France....not just for the airplane."

Jacqui, Australia


Final destination:  Morocco

Our last stop on silk’s journey around the globe for today is Morocco, which means one thing - intense heat. Gerard wore his Silkspun Long Sleeve Crew on his trekking adventure through Morocco in excess of 40 degree temperatures, which kept the heat at bearable levels. 

This is one of the many reasons why silk clothing is such a smart option for travel. It keeps you warm - which we quite often focus on - but amazingly it also allows you to cool down when it's hot. The proper word for it is ‘thermoregulating’ and it saves you from having to take a heap of clothes on your overseas adventures.  In fact, you probably won’t need anything other than the overhead locker! 

“Thanks for all your help before I went to Morocco. The long-sleeve top was very effective and comfortable to wear in the heat of the day.

It also became my favorite camp wear, the long sleeves keeping the sun off and the bugs at bay. I was hot, but it was very hot (in excess of 40 degrees at times), and the long sleeve top was bearable, & kept the sun off.

On the higher altitude and cooler days, it was a good base layer under fleece to keep me toasty, and never really got stinky with 15 days on the trail!”

- Gerard, New Zealand

If you are interested in our top rated essentials to travel for work, check out our Essential Travel Capsule blog where we explore the perfect capsule wardrobe with options for men and women to look fabulous on the plane and exploring abroad.

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My spouse is amazed that I can pack for a 15d trip to climates ranging from -12 to 25 C, in just a carry-on bag. The secret is silk layers. They roll up beautifully and shake out unscathed.

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