My thoughts on self-care & silk

                           Thoughts by Laurian Godwin, SilkLiving Owner

As a society we have come to understand the importance of self-care, and the role it plays in our well-being.  But over the summer break, I spent a bit of time thinking about what that really means?

Self-care is undertaking whatever it is you need to let go of stresses, unwind, and come out feeling refreshed, and of course this is different for each of us.  For you, it may be a workout at the gym, immersing yourself in a novel, socialising with people you love... whatever it is that makes you feel as good as you deserve.  Personally, I love nothing more than heading to the park with my daughter, or for a walk with the family dog.

But sometimes it can feel hard to carve out time to make ourselves feel good, despite knowing full well how much better we will feel for it.  I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that time seems to play a great ‘disappearing act’, which is why the self-care practices I find the most successful for me are the ones that are simple and easy to implement.  And I thought I’d share a couple of these with you.

One is by taking breaks from technology and social media.  I find even a few minutes each day to unplug provides a break from the constant barrage of information and notifications and helps me feel refreshed.  Another is sharing lunch breaks with my colleagues, Beverley and Margaret, where we catch up with each other as friends.

Another way, of course, is through my clothes.  Since taking over SilkLiving I no longer enjoy wearing any other fabric next to my skin.  Our silk fabrics feel so soft and nourishing to wear and are amazingly comfortable in any situation, so I actually get pleasure from getting dressed in the morning.  It’s a small moment of pleasure that helps to carry me through the day.

I also love the confidence boost that comes with wearing something that makes me feel good.  When I’m practising yoga in my Glide Shorts, or out for dinner in my Talia Dress I feel like I’m treating myself to something special, and that can be a powerful thing.

Our lovely customer, Anne, told us she also finds Silkbody great for her self-care because when she puts it on, she feels as though “the silk is loving me back”.  I couldn’t have expressed it better myself!

Here are some personal favourites that enhance my feeling of self-care:

Silkspun Longline Sleeveless

"The Longline Sleeveless was my first Silkbody garment, and I’ve loved it from the moment I put it on.  It’s wonderful in the summer as a truly light Top, and doubles as a gorgeous underlayer.  I have this Top in every colour and wear one almost every day."

Judy Top

"My Judy Top is so soft to wear, it fits nicely but is not snug, has long enough sleeves to cover my arms in the summer and looks great with a Long Sleeve Scoop under it in the winter.  It’s probably the most flattering Top I own, and I always feel both feminine and well-dressed whether I’m wearing it over jeans or Crepe-de-Chine Pants."

Puresilk Soft Bra

"It’s the best feeling to take off my underwire Bra and replace it with a Puresilk Soft Bra when I get home from work.  It’s incredible softness around my chest is out-of-this-world, and I love it for a little extra support for sleeping."

Crepe-de-Chine Slip Dress

"This is the most gorgeous-feeling Slip under any other Dress, and divine for sleeping in.  Truly a treat for my soul."

Pleated Leggings

"These are the most comfortable Leggings in the world!  The little bit of detail from the pleat is stylish with summer sandals, and makes putting on boots in winter a breeze.  And so soft around my tummy!"

Puresilk Underwear

"And finally... Silk undies… what more needs to be said?!"

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