Our Vision: A World Where Clothing Gives Back to the Wearer and the Planet.

From our very beginning in 1998 environmental care and sustainability issues have been at the forefront of all SilkLiving operations.  We are delighted with the ever-growing awareness of the benefits of natural fabrics, their low-impact production requirements and long life.

But what does Sustainability mean to us, and how do we incorporate it as a part of our operation on a day-to-day basis?

At SilkLiving we believe sustainability stems from respect.  Respecting the gifts from the earth and ensuring we do everything within our power to care for nature, the creator.  It also means respect for one another, from the farmers who hand-rear the silkworms through to the people who work in every step of the manufacturing process and distribution channels.  And most importantly the wearer; the raison d'être for the process.

Our love of silk stems from the very basis of silk production; a regenerative ecosystem. The mulberry leaves required by silk caterpillars to make their cocoons come from a renewable and sustainable crop.  No pesticides can be used in tending to our mulberry trees, and in return our silkworms spin world-class quality silk, enabling us to create garments that are glorious to wear; soft, gentle and nourishing to the skin. 

We add no treatments in production to improve silk’s properties; there is no need as silk is naturally endowed with so many attributes.  Not to mention that silk fibres are so fine that all our fabrics are incredibly light, whilst providing both warmth and breathability for your comfort.  Well known for its benefits to those with sensitive skin, we love that silk is actually beneficial to all skin types.

Silk is naturally odour-resistant, so requires minimal laundering which of course saves water and reduces the amount of detergents entering our waterways.  And unlike synthetic garments, any micro fibres released through the washing process into the environment will naturally biodegrade without harming marine life. 

Lastly, as well as feeling light and luxurious silk is an incredibly hard-wearing fibre.  If treated with care, all SilkLiving products will give years of service - in fact we hear often from our long-term customers about their garments that are still wardrobe favourites after 10 or 12 years! 

However, at the eventual end of its life, silk is biodegradable, decomposing in your home compost, or in landfills, giving back to the earth from which it was born, ensuring our future.

Smart. Sustainable. Silk.

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