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I think we can all agree that working out is hard enough without wearing clothes that are “fitting” in all the wrong places. The rise of athleisure has meant there are a plethora of activewear options on the market, but do they really stack up when you put them to the test? Let us explain how the benefits of our silk can help you get the most out of your next yoga workout.

Arguably your yoga outfit needs to work just as hard as you do. Not only does it need to stretch and flex, it also needs to provide ample coverage and comfort. Activewear needs to be fashionable AND functional, from quality to fit.

Higher waist leggings and pants hide a multitude of sins, being less likely to slip during a fast practice or ride down too far during your downward dog. Loose pants, either with or without a cuff can be the perfect accompaniment to a slower restorative or yin yoga class.

When it comes to fabric quality, we’re not afraid to say we’re just a little bit fussy. Many people know the fabulous benefits of natural fibres, but few realise the glorious yet practical advantages of practicing their yoga in silk.

Silk Yoga Clothing can…

Keep your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre absorbs one third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Hello hot yoga!

Help keep you at the right temperature. Wear your silk clothing as a super-lightweight, breathable choice for fast-paced vinyasa that will keep you dry and cool, or layer it for bulk-free luxurious warmth for slower, more relaxed yin classes.

Keep you moving freely. Super soft and lightweight, silk yoga clothing unlocks freedom of movement. It’s also so light that it feels like you’re barely wearing anything at all.

PLUS we mustn’t forget the zen qualities of silk!  Silk is a sustainable natural resource that is biodegradable and earth friendly. The serecin coating contains essential amino acids that nourish the skin. Wearing silk makes you feel more in flow, perfect for bringing balance to your workout.

At SilkLiving we’re big believers in comfort, breathability and versatility, that’s why our silk garments are loved by people who love to move.  Choose from our unique blend of silk/merino/cotton, the perfect natural fabric for yoga, or our range of 100% silk garments that will move with your every pose.  All our garments can be gently machine-washed and will dry super-fast.

Whether you’re an avid yogi, or just need to loosen up a little, try wearing Silkbody the next time you’re working out.


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