Silkbaby. Here’s what you need to know:

We’ve got an important update regarding Silkbaby.  We’re sad to say that we are now near the end of our beautiful Silkspun Silkbaby range.

However, it’s not all bad news…

When the last Silkspun garment for babies has left our warehouse, it will simply leave more room for our Silkbaby Puresilk!  This means our Puresilk Vest and Long Sleeve Underwear from newborns to children will still be available.

We’re committed to keeping this line so long as we’re in business.

The reason?

We believe there’s no better fabric for babies and young children than silk.

Baby’s sensitive skin deserves the softest fabric nature can provide, and silk has long been referred to as the second skin for humans.  In Italy, it is commonly believed that pure silk should be the first garment cocooning every newborn baby.

With its natural breathability, thermo-regulating and moisture absorbing properties, this miraculous fibre is perfect for keeping sensitive young skin warm and dry.  Because it is a protein fibre the silk fabric warms quickly to body heat and maintains an even temperature, keeping your little one comfortable with fewer layers and less bulk.

Silk is:

The truth is, some littlies need silk clothing and nothing else will do.

There are certain skin conditions and other ailments where parents can’t use regular clothing for their little ones.  Can you imagine being a parent where nearly every piece of clothing you buy for your child causes their skin to break out in a rash?  We don’t have to imagine, because some of our customers have been in situations just like that!  Then they try silk, and suddenly their child can feel comfortable in their clothing.

But silk isn’t only for children with health conditions.  Silk is perfect for all children because there’s nothing else with the properties of silk.  Nothing beats silk when it comes to softness, dryness, and comfort.  Yes, there are other natural fibres, but only silk is silk.  And that’s one reason why as long as we’re still making beautiful garments, we plan to always have pure silk available for babies and young children.

For the little treasure in your life, there is no next-to-skin undergarment that is as gentle, natural, and soft as a Puresilk Vest or Long-sleeve Top from Silkbaby.

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