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We’re delighted to tell you our gorgeous new Silkspun colours of Perfect Grey and Forget-Me-Not Blue have arrived in our warehouse and are already flying out the door...

We are often asked how we choose new colours for our Silkspun garments, which has given the team at SilkLiving pause for thought. 

As a rule, we sit down with a cup of tea, and begin with such things as what colours customers have suggested to us, what emotions we might be looking to convey, what’s not a current colour on the fashion scene (as a slow fashion brand we need colours that last as long as our garments do), and of course whether there are any hues we haven’t done for some time.

In making our decision for 2022, we sought two independent colours that - after the turmoil of recent times - would work together to express a strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.  

The winners were Perfect Grey and Forget-Me-Not.  Practical and solid, yet at the same time each one offering a serenity that soothes the mind and compliments the nourishing qualities customers receive from wearing our silk.



A gentle yet uplifting hue, our newest shade of blue offers the merest hint of lavender within the softness of a warm summer’s day, whilst being as bright and pretty as the wildflower for which it is named.  


Perfect Grey:

Representing neutrality and balance, grey is known as the colour of wisdom.  Perceived as classic, refined and dignified our “Perfect Grey” is a neutral shade, bridging the gap between the extremes of black and white.  It beautifully moderates many of the brighter hues in SilkLiving’s current colour range and is exceptional paired with Forget-Me-Not Blue.

Wear each of these colours together or separately to enjoy the fact that whatever else is going on, there is always room for comfort, style and beauty.

Click on the link below to view the products that make up our latest collection, Forget-Me-Not & Perfect Grey: 

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