Wellness Journal Part Two - Anne's Story

In SilkLiving's first Wellness Journal, we shared with you Angela's journey with us, which began when she was on a mission to find suitable clothing for her sensitive skin and condition known as Allodynia.

We feel honoured to continue learning how wearing Silk provides a life-changing transformation for many by sharing their stories.  

In this Journal entry, we hear from Anne, who discovered her son's sensory discomfort was relieved by a simple SilkLiving T-shirt.  

"All children are given to us to help us learn through challenges, and one of ours took this responsibility particularly seriously.  We had a very unhappy wee lad.  For several years we mopped up tears and tried to soothe tantrums.  Although our son was articulate and able to tell us what he did and didn't want, it didn't always make sense.

A most memorable meltdown followed a freezing winter morning spent standing idly in the middle of a rugby field for the length of a junior match (our son prioritised stationary plane spotting over running around after a ball!) 

He insisted he was hot, not cold, and refused to put a jumper on. He also refused to calm down.

In frustration we took off his cotton singlet and thin rugby jersey and put my SilkLiving T-shirt on him, with a woollen sweater over it. 

Five minutes later, the tantrum began to subside.  Five minutes after that, our son drank the hot chocolate he'd been refusing to touch (insisting he was neither cold nor thirsty.)  Another five minutes, and our mini-monster had become a likeable child.

So great was the relief that we willingly paid for a boy-sized SilkLiving T-shirt.  But life is never easy, and a new problem emerged, our son would not take it off! 

He wore it to bed, wore it to school, under his rugby jersey, to the airport for "official" plane-spotting outings. The floods of tears became trickles, and the tantrums became less intense and less frequent.  

However, they still arose when I insisted that the SilkLiving T-shirt had to go into the washing machine. 

We bought a second one.  All his other clothes stayed in their drawers, solving the mess-on-the-bedroom-floor problem as well as the dressing-in-suitable-clothing problem.  The incomprehensible winter-clothes-in-summer-and-summer-clothes-in-winter issue became a memory. 

Winter colds became less frequent.  We stopped worrying about our son shivering and sweating and being entirely inappropriately dressed for the season.  It didn't matter.  The SilkLiving shirts were comfortable and suitable for all seasons." 

Anne's son was diagnosed with a sensory and processing disorder and Dyspraxia.  This condition causes messages from the body to the brain and vice versa to get scrambled.  Dyspraxia affects around 10% of the population and more commonly affects males in childhood.  

Hypersensitivity to temperature is a common symptom of Dyspraxia.  For many, wearing quality Silk clothing which is a natural and breathable material, can bring immediate relief to the discomfort and confusion caused by a Sensory Processing Disorder. 


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Read Angela's Story and how her experience with our Silkspun blend means our clothing is now part of her everyday essentials. 

We love to hear our customers experiences of wearing their SilkLiving garments, so if you have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at marketing@silkliving.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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