Wellness Journal Part One - Angela's Story

If you’re a SilkLiving customer you already know how wonderful it feels to wear Silkbody clothing or to sleep in pure silk sheets.  And we all know that silk is reputed to be good for your skin.  But for some of our customers the benefits of silk are truly life-changing.  We thought you would enjoy reading the true stories of customers in the SilkLiving family.

So… welcome to Part One of SilkLiving's Health and Wellness Journal, where we’re starting with Angela’s story:

 "SilkLiving and their Silkspun fabric have been a literal lifesaver for me!  

I suffered a Spinal Cord Injury as a result of a surgical accident which saw me in a wheelchair by 2013.

Having neural impairment from the upper abdomen down, my skin became extremely sensitive, a symptom which was later diagnosed as Allodynia.  This meant no soap, no perfume and most of all finding a fabric that my skin would tolerate wearing.

I went on the hunt and tried everything; cotton, linen, straight silk, merino… all with no success.  And anything polyester or nylon sent my skin into outer-space!! 

Then I lucked out, finding SilkLiving on-line with your amazing SilkSpun fabric.

I ordered one nightgown first and OMG it was like putting on cool water!

Something about the blend makes this fabric, I would suggest, a godsend for anyone suffering from any kind of sensitive skin condition…I urge everyone to try it and would love to read about how it works for others! 

The damage to my spinal cord also means my metabolism can no longer self-regulate my body temperature, so the mix in Silkspun assists me to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Remarkable!!

Since 2013 my symptoms have spread and intensified but I clad myself in Silkspun all day every day, simply putting outer wear over the top of the nightgowns.  This keeps my symptoms at bay and allows me many more functioning hours in a day. 

These garments move from daywear to nightwear with ease and best of all every day is a great day as I get to stay in my nighty all day (don’t tell anyone!)

I am so grateful to SilkLiving for your incredible products, and also for your unwavering outstanding customer service.  Each transaction feels like a “Hello…welcome back” not just another online buy…

My current project is to buy for the special newborns in my life…you can never start them too early I say!! 

I look forward as always to my next purchase.


Stories like Angela's remind us of the incredible healing powers of nature. Silk is about as natural a fibre as you can get, and when combined with cotton and merino in our exclusive Silkspun fabric, it transforms a simple top or bottom into a powerful wellbeing item. 

To view our full range of Silkspun garments, browse here, and to learn more about SilkLiving's fabrics read here


We love to hear our customers experiences of wearing their SilkLiving garments, so if you have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at marketing@silkliving.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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