Wrap Yourself in a Good Night's Sleep

There’s something about silk that has most of us thinking it’s the sort of comfort we can only dream about. And the thought of having silk bedding can seem a luxurious idea which only really happens in the movies. But we all can have a beautiful and sumptuous bed to cocoon ourselves in at the end of the day, indulging in silky smooth bliss.

Sleeping in silk is so much more than a luxurious desire; it also has a direct impact on your health and wellbeing because you sleep better than you ever have. And who doesn’t want all the benefits of a good night’s sleep?

Why SilkLiving Blankets look after your health and wellbeing while you sleep:

  • You feel so relaxed. With silk bedding, your bedroom becomes a restful haven. Imagine the luxurious feeling of sinking into silk, night after night… and the advantage of waking up refreshed every morning from an incredible night’s sleep. You deserve that!
  • You feel cocooned in softness. As a child, did you ever wonder how it felt to be Thumbelina, sleeping under her fairy blanket? Lying under a SilkLiving blanket makes you feel exactly like that… deliciously warm, without the heaviness, draping softly over every curve yet allowing your body to breathe. Nothing compares to that feeling of all-encompassing comfort. The lightness also eases pressure on specific points of your body, making it an incredible joint relief for those who might need it.
  • You breathe with ease. Silk fibres are not prone to dust mites like most other materials, making them ideal for anyone with allergies or Asthma. And breathing well while sleeping means you wake up significantly more refreshed the next day.
  • Your skin is never irritated. Silk helps to soothe sore skin and is soft and cool to the touch, which significantly helps those who may suffer from eczema or have sensory issues. 
  • You are never too hot or too cold. The lightweight and breathable nature of a SilkLiving blanket mean that it wraps around your body without feeling heavy - unlike other materials. And it regulates your temperature whatever season you are in.

 If you are struggling to sleep and thought silk was an extravagance, then you are missing out on all the fantastic benefits you will get from sleeping in silk.


When you choose to put your wellbeing first, a silk blanket becomes a non-negotiable. And due to the incredible quality of SilkLiving blankets, which are made to such exacting standards, this timeless piece will look after you for years to come.

Our beautiful, comfortable and easy to care for silk blankets can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. (Sorry, we can’t cure the snoring spouse or the needs of little ones during the night; however we can take care of a lot of the others things that mean your sleep is not giving you the benefit it should!)

Being 100% natural – and we mean 100% (no fake stuff in our blankets) – SilkLiving silk blankets are breathable, lightweight and temperature regulating. Check out our range of silk blankets and other bedding here, plus the easy-care guidelines here.


Silk is luxurious. Silk is lasting. Silk is the ultimate answer to your sleep haven.

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