Driving for the Green in Silkbody

Golf and Polo shirts go hand in hand.  And why wouldn’t they? Polo Shirts are athletic, dressy and functional all in one, what more could you need?

Whether you’ve been on the golf course every weekend for the last month, or you’re just starting to think about dusting off your golf clubs and heading to the green, make sure you’re prepared with the best gear to wear.

We have lots of customers purchasing again and again, telling us our Silkspun Polo Shirts are their premium shirt for golfing.  So, we thought we’d drill down into what is important in a Polo Shirt, and why our Silkspun Polos are perfect for ensuring you feel and look your best on the green.

Qualities to look for when searching for the perfect Polo Shirt:

  1. Length – The length is important!  If it is too short it can ride up during a stunning backswing which can be uncomfortable and irritating.  Some prefer to tuck in their Polo Shirt when playing golf, so it needs enough length to comfortably give you that option.
  2. Sleeves – A Polo perfect for golfing comes down past the middle of your upper arm, with the seam that connects the sleeves sitting nicely on the edge of your shoulder.  This ensures comfort and stops you from feeling restricted in arm movements during your swing.
  3. Fit – The relaxed and comfortable fit of a well-styled Polo Shirt gives you the mobility you need for a smooth swing.
  4. Fabric – Ahh of course, the fabric!  If you’re out on the golf course all day you need fabric that keeps you comfortable.  This is where Silk shines and the naturally soft and gorgeous feel of our Silk/Merino/Cotton blend is enough to make you fall in love.

What makes Silkbody Polo Shirts so special?

Silkspun Polo Shirts not only fulfil the requirements of Length, Fit and choice of Sleeve, but our Silkspun Fabric feels incredibly light to wear.  You’re carrying around enough golfing gear, the last thing you need is a heavy uncomfortable top dragging you down!

Silk is also breathable and its thermo-regulating qualities assist your body to maintain its temperature at a level that will maximize performance and comfort. These qualities make physical activity much more enjoyable, and stop your clothing from having that sticky, damp feeling.

By offering you the choice of Short or Long Sleeve, you can have your preference with the confidence that either sleeve-length provides full movement without restriction.

Last but not least, the very important - Odour Control!  Not only do our fabric qualities assist you to sweat less, but silk is naturally odour-resistant, which means you will always be welcome at the 19th hole!

Silkspun Long Sleeve Polo
Customer Jon has this to say about his Silkspun Long Sleeve Polo’s: 

“The long sleeve polos are incredible for golf as they protect you from the sun, breathe well, dry quickly in the heat, act as a wind barrier on windy days, and keep you warm on cool days.  Absolutely love them.  No other long sleeve polo comes close.  I have three black, three brown, three green and I’m looking forward to the Navy coming later this year.”

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