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One thing that can feel like a barrier to Online Shopping is the challenge of knowing what size to buy.  Are you over being a size M in one store and a size L in the next (except when it’s the ‘slim’ style and then you are an XL)?  It can all be so frustrating and, sometimes, rather bruising on the ego!

We’d like to ease some of your shopping trauma and spell out how our sizing works, so you can ensure you get the right fit, first time.

So how do you know what Silkbody size you should be wearing?  As part of our recent website revisions, we updated our Sizing Table to help you avoid ill-fitting woes and make you feel great in your Silkbody purchase.

1. Measurements

It may seem like a drag to get out a measuring tape, but it really is the most accurate way to ensure you are getting the right size.  Use our visual guide to measure yourself in the right places (where is the correct place to find your waist?!).

 2. Size Chart

Interpreting our size chart is straightforward.  The measurements on the chart represent your body measurements, not the measurements of the garment.  This means that if your bust measurement is 99cm, a Size L Silkbody Top will fit you nicely.


But what happens if your bust measurement fits an L, and your waist an M?  Look at the style of the garment you are ordering - is it fitted around the bust, can you adjust the waist with a tie, are your wearing it as an undergarment or outer garment?  If the answer is still not clear feel free to Contact Us; we will always do our best to help you figure it out.



1. I am a generous NZ/Aus size 12 – what size am I in Silkbody clothes? 
Size L

2. I always wear a size L Silkspun Cardigan. What size should I buy for the Longline Cardigan, which seems to be a looser fit?  
Still a size L.  We adjust the pattern so the sizing is consistent according to your body measurements.

3. I love my Puresilk Long-Sleeve Scoop, but I love the colours of the Silkspun Tops. Does the different fabric mean I should choose a different size? 
This depends on how you wear your Puresilk Top.  For many customers, Puresilk is worn as an undergarment, and they select a size that fits more snugly.  Silkspun, on the other hand, is usually outer-wear, so for a less snug fit you may consider going up a size.

4. I like the fit of the garments on your models, but I don’t know how they will look on me. How do I know what size the model is wearing? 
Where possible, in the product description we have included the height of each of our models and the garment size they are wearing as an additional guide.

To help you when shopping, we have included in the product description whether the style is loose or snug-fitting so you can select according to how you like your garment to fit.  We have also added key garment measurements that could be helpful to you, such as the garment length.

However, we know that finding your perfect fit when online shopping can be a little nerve-racking.  That’s why we have a no questions asked 40-day Returns and Exchanges policy – to ensure you can confidently fill your wardrobe with Silkbody clothes!


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