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If you've explored our new website you will undoubtedly have noticed the variety of new faces wearing our clothes. 

At SilkLiving, it is our mission to share the joy of Silk with everyone!  We want Silkbody garments and our lovely silk bedding to be enjoyed by people at any stage of life, for any and all occasions!  So we needed to capture images of real people doing real things, to illustrate how Silkbody should simply be part of your everyday life.

SilkLiving Wellington Photoshoot behind the scenes

Customers are often curious to know the background story to imagery they see online; what is involved and what needs to be done to reach the end point.  So we thought we’d give you a sneaky peek “behind the scenes” of one of our recent photoshoots!

SilkLiving Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

An “in situ” fashion photoshoot has a number of requirements.  We needed a good setting, a place to hang our silk clothing safely, and of course privacy for our models.  We wanted to be able to show our clothing both inside and outside, both formal and casual, and of course for lounging in.  That’s a lot of requirements for one event!

Our awesome photographer found the perfect location for our first shoot; a Suite at the very distinctive Distinction Hotel in the heart of Wellington.  Thankfully, this suite ticked all our boxes and more! With the bonus of being only a few hundred metres down the road from our Wellington warehouse, we started transferring our silk clothing bright and early. And before we knew it Models #1 and 2 arrived for hair and make-up.

With a number of lovely models, a make-up artist, a photographer, and ourselves you could definitely say it was busy!  Including a mix of professional, semi-professional and amateur models it was really fun to see them work individually and together, and to see our amateur models’ flourish! We rarely have an opportunity to actually see our gorgeous Silkbody clothing in action, so this was a real treat!

SilkLiving behind the imagery

Believe it or not, in spite of all our planning not everything went smoothly; the best laid plans, and all that! This first photoshoot involved numerous outfit changes, running between rooms, storytelling, art directing, lots of coffee and snacks along the way… but best of all, the day was filled with beautiful clothing, laughter, great company and lots of joy!

We are a small team here at SilkLiving and are fortunate to have a lot of fun in our work.  But occasions like this, where we can extend the SilkLiving whanau for a time, are like gold.  We couldn’t be more happy or proud of all the amazing people involved, or the results. 


Special thanks to:
Our models: Jordan Rivers, Zaniah Fae, Yuxin Liu, Brianna Shaw, Clare, Jude, Vinu & Alistair. 
Our photographer Sheldon Swears -
Our make up artist Zoe -
Distinction Wellington Century City Hotel

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Always great to see the clothes on real people and a range of ethnicities, but please don’t forget those of us with physical disabiliities too. One of the reasons I live in your clothes is that they mean I don’t have to navigate buttons and zips most of the time. and the fabric has such great thermal properties that my stuffed up temperature regulation is much less of an issue.

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