Your Map to Silk Road Rewards

Welcome to ‘Silk Road Rewards’ – our exciting new rewards programme.  The Silk Road is our way of saying Thank you for choosing to shop with us, and for assisting us with our mission to share the joy and benefits of sustainably produced, silk-based, 100% natural clothing and bedding.


Let us explain!

For every $1 spent with SilkLiving you will receive 1 ‘cocoon’.  Every 100 cocoons can be redeemed for vouchers that can then be applied as a discount on future purchases.  

But buying from us is not the only way to earn cocoons; some other ways are:

  • Create an account with us to kick start your Silk Road Journey!
  • Refer a Friend – everyone knows the most sincere referral is a personal one
  • Share us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Tell us your Birthday (and we will send you a Birthday Gift!)

The Silk Road Tiers:

We know that your first purchase with us is like the first step on a journey.  And as you continue to journey our Silk Road we will give you rewards and encouragement the further you go.  Beginning as a Silk Road Explorer, you can traverse your way through to Royalty! 

SilkLiving Rewards Programme Tiers

Our customers are why we are here, and we know that with the huge variety of choices of where to shop, the fact that you choose Us is a huge compliment.  We’re excited about the variety of new ways we can thank you for that.  Best of all, your cocoons and vouchers don’t expire so they can be redeemed whenever you wish!

Just remember to log in, to start gathering your cocoons!

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