Silk for Extreme Sports

SilkLiving owner and Motorbike enthusiast Darryl Godwin states “I’m blown away by how amazing Silk is against my skin for motorbike riding.  Now that I’ve found it I wouldn’t wear anything else under my gear.”  

Silk may not be an obvious association for extreme sports, but it holds so many amazing properties that it should be! Silk is the safest fibre to wear next to the skin and is incredibly practical being fine and light to wear, warm yet breathable, hard-wearing and versatile – truly the perfect fabric for any and all extreme environments.

Why?  Read on…!


Silk is one of the safest fibres you can have next to your skin. Where synthetics melt, silk burns to harmless ash. It is even more heat resistant than wool, decomposing at the relatively low temperature of around 148 degrees C.

Climate Control

Silk keeps your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre will absorb one third its own weight in water without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Silk dries very fast, both on and off the body.

Ultra fine

Silkbody is soft and extremely lightweight, so you feel like you’re hardly wearing anything at all.  It provides wonderful insulation without bulk.


A single silk fibre has a tensile strength equal to steel wire of the same diameter. Silk fabrics are incredibly strong and durable; it is very rare that it will develop holes or rip.


With a strong focus on research and development, SilkLiving has developed a range of fabrics that breathe new life into this special fibre. The result is a unique and practical combination of silk and other natural fibres, offering all the technical advantages of contemporary fabrics while retaining silk’s incredible natural properties.

Our top recommendations:

Socks and Gloves

Our unisex silk gloves and socks are an ideal liner for added insulation and to keep hands and feet dry and comfortable, and our 100% silk knit fabric is the softest natural fabric you will find!

Pure Silk Gloves and Socks

Bras and Underwear

Our silk bras, briefs and boxers are wonderfully comfortable. The 100% natural silk fabric is breathable, moisture absorbent and soft, making it the perfect underwear. This fabric has natural stretch so we’ve had no need to add synthetics such as lycra or spandex.

Pure Silk Women's and Men's Underwear


A luxurious option for those wanting a sleek underlayer that won’t stick to outer layers. Our silk fabrics are super lightweight, breathable, absorb body moisture and are naturally odour-resistant. These comfortable leggings are like a second skin, with gusset for ease of movement and no side seams. Available for both Men and Women in Cellular, Puresilk, and Silkspun fabric.

Silk Men's and Women's Legliner

Sleeveless, Short and Long Sleeve tops

Silk is the solution to comfortable, stylish dressing. With its natural breathability and ability to cope with a range of temperatures, you’ll look and feel good both on and off the terrain. In a wide range of fabrics, styles and colours, you’re bound to find the right style for you.

Silk Short and Long Sleeve Tops

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