SilkLiving is part of Florence’s Sustainable Fashion Project

We love the ethos behind our products; what really makes it worthwhile is when this is shared by like-minded customers.

Florence is a blogger and Instagram Influencer. She loves to write posts and reviews on her blog or Instagram page about a wide range of topics, however it is fashion that really fires her passion.

She recently shifted her focus to natural and sustainable clothing. Her goal is to have a wardrobe with “solely biodegradable, sustainable and less wasteful clothes“.

We are delighted that she chose SilkLiving as part of her project.

Florence chose to begin with our Silkbody Yoga Pants in Damson partnered with a Silkbody Long Camisole in Black.

SilkLiving Silk Yoga Pants and Silk Camisole


SilkLiving Silk Yoga Pants and Silk Camisole

And in reading her blog, it is clear that she is really happy with her decision:

” I’m never taking my Silkspun garments off as they’re so comfortable that
I can wear them all day. As part of my journey into natural clothing, I’m throwing out all of my polyester trousers and tops. SilkLiving is definitely one of my favourite shops to go to for natural, luxurious and practical clothing.”


SilkLiving Recommendation


Nothing makes us happier than receiving this sort of feedback, because what really matters is how our customers feel about their experience with us and our products.

We are also very pleased that so many of our customers share SilkLiving’s values for earth-friendly practices. Minimising our impact on the environment by producing 100% natural, biodegradable clothing and manchester … what could be better for our future?

Other benefits of products made by SilkLiving:

  • 1. Silk is the strongest known natural fibre, and by following our care guidelines your Silkbody garments will last for many years.
  • 2. There is no need to wash silk as often, and it dries quickly in
    a natural way.
  • 3. Once your Silkbody garment has finally done its time you can easily return it back to nature in your compost bin.

It is never too late to become more conscious. By adding Silk Living products to your life you, too can reduce your environmental impact. Join us on the path of sustainability!

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