The Joys of Paragliding in a Silkbody Cellular Pilot Top by Guy Baker

We are often asked about our high-performance fabrics and designs; none is more impressive than the Cellular Pilot Top. It’s the perfect adventurer’s baselayer with its unique fabric structure and clever design elements. We were delighted to receive this from international paraglider and mountain-biker, Guy Baker.

 “I embarked on an around the world paragliding and mountain bike trip at the start of 2019, lucky me.”

SilkLiving Men's Cellular Pilot Top

Anyone who has packed for such an extended trip will be all too familiar with the “what to pack?” question – especially when taking full paragliding equipment. So I chose the SilkLiving Cellular Pilot Top for its versatility; both for flying and as an item of clothing I could wear in a bar afterwards.
Most importantly it fits in my coffee mug!

SilkLiving Silk Cellular for Extreme Sports

SilkLiving Silk Clothing Cellular for Extreme Sports

Flying in Indonesia with a few less known sights like Mount Rinjani in Lombok, and Bromo in Java, where take off temps can be in the mid 20’s it was important I did not over heat while preparing the glider.
I found the Cellular Pilot Top ideal for wicking away the heat, and as soon as a windproof layer was added it was incredibly warm when worn next to the skin – the joy of silk. Landing off piste into the cold I was fortunate to share the warmth of a real fire with local shepherds; the Pilot Top under a down jacket sealed in my core heat until I made it to a road head.

SilkLiving Silk Cellular for Extreme Sports

SilkLiving Silk Cellular for Extreme Sports

A quick visit to Cappadocia in Turkey took us to extraordinary mountain bike locations with quality bikes available to rent. We slept in caves; again in my Silkbody Pilot Top. This had added advantage of being an excellent bug protector as the hood covered most of  my head and the pull down sleeves protected my hands – no bites and a great nights’ sleep.

SilkLiving Cellular top for Biking

My journey continued with some flying and biking in the UK Lake district where my Silkbody Cellular Pilot Top was great during the day. By night it helped me to pass off as a real mountain man in the fabled Lakeland Watering holes, with some of the best pints of beer in the world slipping down.

Next stop is Mexico where we will attempt Mexico’s highest peaks. I will, of course, be sure to have my Silkbody Cellular Pilot Top packed and primed.

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